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As the son of immigrant parents, Romeo Rodriguez's paintings unravel a visual memoir of a true first generation born American.  His persistent control over color, contrast, and composition creates an impressive harmonic balance against his propensity toward abstract, impulsive visual expression.  This internal confliction has much to do with his experiences as an electrical engineer.  "Engineering is an application of art, you're bringing something into this world that didn't exist before."  The result of which resonates in original images cultivated by globalized, multicultural experiences.  Like many artists, Rodriguez's early paintings as a young child consisted of primarily realism.  His later works have evolved into what he calls "personal abstraction", "there's a difference between painting what you see versus painting what you think".

Romeo Rodriguez (his friends call him "JR") resides in San Francisco, CA, over a thousand miles away from his place of upbringing in Olathe, KS. He welcomes all to see his paintings with their own eyes - "I hope you like what you see..."

Romeo Rodriguez

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